Better score through more relaxed playing.


• time-saving on the driving range & on the tee-off
• better tee- and ball stability
• more safety on the driving range
• optimal ball-floor distance
• high quality product made in Europe
• improvement of the golf etiquette

The teefinder is THE upgrade for any golf gear.

It can be ordered online, time-saving, effortlessly and 24 hours a day.

watch the teefinder in action


Your tee might seem like a small piece of equipment, but it can have a huge impact on not only your shots and scores, but also your game time. Whether you are looking for high launch, low spin Drives or more spin from short irons - TEE FINDER aids these demands for your golf game. Better golf starts at the Tee box - Combine performance with style – Purchase the TEE FINDER today!


  • Enjoy optimal tee heights for Drivers right through the bag, to short iron play
  • Experience great feel at impact with reduced friction - increasing ball speeds
  • No more wasting time looking for lost tee pegs! Our tees only move circa 1 yard from the impact area
  • Increased player safety - Great for Driving ranges as you will never have to leave your bay to retrieve your tee
  • Easily found with stunning Neon colours
  • High quality manufacturing in Europe makes our product particularly effective in winter conditions
  • Improvement in overall golf etiquette - No more broken tees left laying!
  • Environmentally friendly and protects greenkeeping equipment
  • Conforms with USGA rules


Fantastic idea. Now I save a lot of time on the driving range and in the game. I no longer need to run 10-15 meters back and forth. And there's even more safety.

Stephen V. Pro / Golf-Shop Owner

"An absolutely high-quality product. Super handy and great for playing."

Leo K. / golf player

This thing is just absolutely brilliant. No more waiting for the others when you have to run after the tee. No need to interrupting your game anymore.

Gerhard Z. / Longtime golfer

Time reduction. Very beneficial. No more tees are left lying around in the nature. In the future every golfer should have a teefinder.

L. Walter K. / senior golf player

The teefinder is simply an absolutely brilliant invention. I can only recommend it to everyone.

Florian L./ amateur golf player

I love my pink teefinder. I can play much calmer and more relaxed with it.

Joanne N. / senior golf player