Even before teefinder prevents tee searching or tee loss, the golf routine at the tee is improved. In perfect harmony with the perfectly fitting tee, teefinder ensures that the ball-ground distance is always optimal and constant. In addition, teefinder stabilizes the tee to be unshakeable in the ground. The ball remains stable in position.


In a time, where TIME itself is becoming more and more valuable, teefinder helps to save exactly this valuable time. On the driving range, the waiting time that warm-up neighbors otherwise need to get their tee back is eliminated. Not only does this increase the feeling of safety, this special form of label improvement is also easy on the nerves and enhances the golfer's reputation.

The teefinder is manufactured in Europe and distributed worldwide from Austria. Its outstanding material quality ensures not only its longevity but also a pure environmental conscience.


Few accurately matching tees and few brightly colored teefinders are completely sufficient for the golf season.

Due to its simplicity of use, its forgiving nature, its enormous durability and its additional, diverse benefits, teefinder is the brand new MUST HAVE in every golf bag, on every round of golf and generally... in the golf paradise.

The teefinder can be ordered online in a time-saving, effortless way and 24 hours a day.


In a particularly attractive and distinctive envelope outfit, the unbeatable team, consisting of teefinder and perfectly fitting tee, are delivered conveniently and directly to the desired address.


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