We all know that, right?

  • We are looking forward to a successful and relaxed round of golf in nice company.
  • We have prepared ourselves for our game and have everything we need ready.
  • It's our turn.
  • We tee off - we tee off - are more or less satisfied with our shot and then...

We are looking for our tee ....!

An annoying necessity, which very often keeps us and our flight partners busy or even holds us up.

We all know this experience, which quickly and gladly becomes a stress factor. And stress is something we really need the least on the golf course.

We will be spared all this in the future!

teefinder - My tee stays with me.

Who invented it?

teefinder originates from the creative and solution-oriented minds of 4 entrepreneurs and from their self-made, painful experience of endlessly returning tea searches throughout their entire golf careers.

The teefinder team consists of special characters who describe themselves as attentive observers, visionaries, dreamers, doers and humorous abusive guides.

Their core values include honesty & sincerity, fidelity & loyalty, determination, reliability and absolute trustworthiness. All of them are sporty, courageous & brave, motivated, flexible, down-to-earth and environmentally conscious.

With their creativity, their joy of experimentation, their curiosity and their unswerving solution orientation, they have not only given birth to the basic idea for the teefinder within countless conversations and humorous gatherings. They have consistently and relentlessly tested the teefinder idea for its meaningfulness and feasibility.

Thanks to their technical adeptness, logical thinking, rational-analytical minds, unbending ambition and unbridled will to achieve relief and improvement for the golf routine of all players, teefinder has gone from the idea to a high-quality product.

Thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit, teefinder is easily and conveniently available. Thus, for golf enthusiasts of all levels worldwide, a stress factor in the golf routine is permanently and even pure environmental conscience eliminated.