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The Teefinder© is not about saving money since we all know tees are cheap and are easily to afford.

What the Teefinder© is really about:

  1. You do not have to care about losing or looking for your tee anymore. The result is a better focus and an improved game flow.

  2. Increase your golf swing while always teeing up at the same height on the driving range or on the course. Additionally, your training will also be much faster and safer.

  3. It protects the greenkeeper’s machines and mowers. Other than that it is environmentally-friendly.

What makes the teefinder so special?

✅ time-saving on the driving range & on the tee-off
✅ more focus and a better game flow
✅ better tee- and ball stability
✅ more safety on the driving range
✅ optimal ball-floor distance
✅ high quality product made in Europe
✅ improvement of the golf etiquette

Our vision is to raise up the golf etiquette and lower your score.

How does the teefinder work in action?

What do our customers say?

Get your teefinder at a special price now and upgrade your golf game in the current situation.

The following products are included in the teefinder© set of 4

4 x teefinder
4 x high quality tees

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Feedback from the golf community

Stephen V. - Pro / Golf-Shop owner

"Fantastic idea. Now I save a lot of time on the driving range and in the game. I no longer need to run 10-15 meters back and forth. And there's even more safety."

Leo K. - Golf player

"An absolutely high-quality product. Super handy and great for playing."

Gerhard Z. - Longtime golfer

"This thing is just absolutely brilliant. No more waiting for the others when you have to run after the tee. No need to interrupting your game anymore."

Florian L. - Hobbygolfer

"The teefinder is simply an absolutely brilliant invention. I can only recommend it to everyone."

Walter K. - Senior golf player

"Time reduction. Very beneficial. No more tees are left lying around in the nature. In the future every golfer should have a teefinder."

Joanne N. - Senior golf player

"I love my pink teefinder. I can play much calmer and more relaxed with it."